About us

Shenzhen KINGTITIAN Technology Co., Ltd (English name is KINGTITAN) is an innovative company specializing in the research and development of polymer composite materials and its application in non-pneumatic tires and other fields. Adhering to the concept of intellectual property rights first, the company has obtained dozens of inventions and other patents at home and abroad, formed a complete technical patent protection chain, formed a series of technology patent barriers, and occupied the dominant position in this field.

Environmental protection

We've been using environmentally friendly, recyclable materials to create a clean environment for our next generation.

Low-speed tires

Careful storage of your goods

We have two wheels three-wheel four-wheel low-speed environmentally resistant wear tires
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High-speed tire applications

High-speed tire applications

We support subscription services
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Special tires

Special purpose

We have a military laboratory to provide you with high-quality products
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Aviation Tires

Aviation Tires

It can be used in small aircraft and agricultural aircraft, etc.
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