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Awesome! The KTA tires help to deliver take out!

Awesome! The KTA tires help to deliver takeaways! When it’s time for the meal, we will always see so many delivery vehicles of different food-delivery brands driving through the city. Red, yellow, blue, and so on, there is something special about them. And that is the tire. Take a look at it, this is a…

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Kingtitan(KTA), the new expression of tire

Doubt, the beginning of change “The tire has developed for more than 100 years. Why do we still need to pump up now?” ——Robin Wong, the inventor of the KTA tires and Chairman of KTA Explore, set up to innovation We have a new journey by using Environmental Polymer materials. With the support of the unique…

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How to do when puncture while you are driving at a high speed

Do not do those things, when your tire punctures. For example, turning the steering wheel sharply or slamming on the brakes could result in losing control of your car and even turning over totally. And that is very dangerous. So how to deal with a puncture when you’re driving? The best way is to do…

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