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Shenzhen KINGTITIAN Technology Co., Ltd (English name is KINGTITAN) is an innovative company specializing in the research and development of polymer composite materials and its application in non-pneumatic tires and other fields. Adhering to the concept of intellectual property rights first, the company has obtained dozens of inventions and other patents at home and abroad, formed a complete technical patent protection chain, formed a series of technology patent barriers, and occupied the dominant position in this field.

At present, the company has completed its initial integration and positioning in the field of polymer environment-friendly non-pneumatic tires, is accelerating the strategic layout at home and abroad, and has established its headquarters base with Shenzhen Set as its core for research and development and operation.

As the company’s first industrial base, Guangxi KINGTITIAN Technology Co., Ltd received an incubation investment of RMB 125 million from Guangxi Qinbao Investment Group (Industrial Fund), and the support of 650 mu of industrial land in the Qinzhou Bonded Port Area, which is planning to build a smart base of 10 million environmentally-friendly non-pneumatic tires in the next five years.

According to the company’s development strategy, there will be a number of operating service dispatching agencies in the world, and several industrial bases (including strategic cooperative subsidiaries) will be established in China, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe. At the same time, we plan to integrate the upstream and downstream industrial chains in China, launch an exclusive online sales and sharing platform for eco-friendly non-pneumatic Tron cars, build a 300 – city partner operating system with ” prefecture – level cities” as the regional unit, and quickly promote the full coverage of the online and offline layouts of the marketing market.

Why clients choose us

Product Introduction

KTA tyres are environmentally friendly, Non-explosive and non-pneumatic tyres (NPT). Living a lifestyle without forgoing our environment.

Airless tyres, or non-pneumatic tyres (NPT) which we produce, are tyres that are not supported by air
pressure within itself or by use of air pressure innertube.

With our new alternate special structure, tire users can have smooth and comfortable rides with no worries about tires leaking air or flat as NPT has no air to leak.


It's able to counter a high risk of puncture.

Adapted to strong

It's able to engage in rugged activities.

Long life

It can prolong the lifespan of the vehicle's suspensions/ absorbers.

A wide range of applications

It has a lot of applications for products.

Product key points

Come in many colors and sizes

Low resistance for smooth riding

Strong Grip for safe riding

Alternate special structure for cushioning and suspension for comfort and allterrain

Damping system: help to absorb shock and make ride more smooth

Many different possibilities with application

Product advantages

The unique structure allows the tire to have less resistance and keep it lighter than the solid one.

The alternate structure also supports the tires' suspension and cushion leading to smooth riding.

The lifespan can last 2-3 times longer than regular rubber tires.

Using the NPT tires is helpful to less replacement cause it's non-puncture.

And because of its never being flat or punctured,NPT can save $15-$30 on a new tire and time.

The strong grip let it could run on rocky terrains.

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