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This tire doesn’t need to be gassed, which means there are no valves or tire tubes. It is a tire with an open structure. So don’t worry about the tire will be the risk of gas leakage or puncture, all the way.

This is not made of plastic. To be precise, it is an environmentally friendly polymer material, polyurethane, which can be also used as a material for fillers for artificial organs.

The shock-absorbing depends on the whole tire not only the surface of it. We can test by tossing tires and rubber ones. When they land, it’s obvious that KTA tires’ elasticity is much better than rubber one. It’s due to the product design with elastic plug-ins, which can ensure the comfort of the tires. Then we can see it would bounce back like a ball.

To be honest, the tire material polyurethane’s anti-slip coefficient has been tested to reach about 10 times rubber, so the use of polyurethane materials greatly extends the life of the tire while saving the tire’s post-maintenance.
In contrast to rubber tires, due to the use of polyurethane as the raw material of the tire, the tire retains the material characteristics of polyurethane. For example, its rolling resistance is low while its sliding resistance is high. To summarize, it can be reflected in running up easily with little effort, besides, the braking distance is short too, which could greatly improve the performance and safety of the control.

We have applied our patent technology to cars, scooters, bicycles, etc. And now our main products developed are automobile tires, electric car tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, forklift tires, and so on. And people often also call us honeycomb tires.

Normally, our tire specification is the same as the normal rubber ones in the market except customized ones. Users can use it.

We must admit that rubber inflatable tires have some dynamic performance to meet the needs of use, such as small shape, low heat, good elasticity, and so on. However, it can not be ignored that they also have a fatal defect. Their wear-resistant and tear-resistant puncture performance is poor.
The rubber tread is easy to exfoliate, so the service life is short. What’s more, the tire easily punctures and deflates, which means there are great safety hazards.In addition, the production process is complex. During its process, it will cause serious environmental pollution. Not only that but because of the use of charcoal black and carcinogenic aromatic oil in the original material, they are worn off the tread and exude waste air, which could lead to cancer and serious pollution.
Although tire technology has developed, the shortage still exists. If we keep using pneumatic rubber tires, it seems impossible to eradicate the disadvantages. Therefore, why not try it in another way? Such as no air tires. Proof by facts, this is feasible. And we believe it would be a historic subject for whole human beings.

“Open structure” is a tire structure design compared to a solid structure. The application of polyurethane polymer synthesis materials as we mentioned before, is a green material. But it also has shortages like performance deficiencies. The biggest weakness of polyurethane elastomers is that the thermal stability is not good enough, and the inward heat rise during work will lead to a significant decrease in its dynamic physical properties such as wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and yield resistance.
In addition, its elastomers are not as good as rubber materials in terms of cushioning and wetness. Besides, how to improve its comfort is also a major challenge facing the new tire design. In terms of that, Chairman Robin Wong has a great idea for non-explosive, inflatable-free tires. And he did a lot of research and tests on it. As a result, the invention of the open-type structure tires showed up. It not only maintains all kinds of excellent characteristics of that material but also solves the disadvantages. Then the inflatable-free tires dream come true.