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This tire doesn’t need to be gassed. No valves, no tire bile, is a tire with an open structure. So don’t worry about the tire will burst tires and the risk of gas leakage, all the way.

This is not made of plastic. To be precise, it is an environmentally friendly polymer material, polyurethane, which can be used as a material for human organ fillers.

The shock-absorbing effect is to look at the tire as a whole. Toss inge tires and, when they land, their elasticity effect is more elastic than the rubber tires. The product is designed with plug-ins to ensure the comfort of the urethane-open edifgy tires, which bounce back like a leather ball when they are dropped.

The wear resistance of polyurethanes has been tested to be about 10 times that of rubber, so the use of polyurethane materials greatly extends the life of the tire while saving the tire’s post-maintenance.
In contrast to rubber tires, due to the use of polyurethane as the raw material of the tire, the tire retains the material characteristics of polyurethane, i.e. the rolling resistance reduces the sliding resistance of the characteristics of large. Simply put, running up and running with little effort, the braking distance is still short, greatly improving the performance and safety of the control.

The main products developed are automobile tires, and now you can see electric car tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires forklift tires and so on.
Tire technology is all one-way, so the tire on the market is generally more applicable.

That’s right. At present, Quintan polyurethane open structure tires are generally applicable to different specifications of tires on the market, that is, basically can be replaced. Note: Due to the separate replacement of treads, complex process, and high cost, so when replacing tires, is the hub and motor as one replacement.

Although rubber inflatable tires also have some dynamic performance to meet the needs of use, such as small shape, low heat, good elasticity and so on. However, it can not be ignored that all the rubber inflatable tires used in all means of delivery are fatal defects, that is, wear-resistant and tear-resistant puncture performance is poor, the tread is easy to layer, so that the service life is short, the tire is easy to burst and deflated, the vehicle in the driving there are great safety hazards. In addition, the processing process is complex, causing serious environmental pollution in the production process is also intolerable, not only that, because of the use of carbon black and carcinogenic aromatic oil in the material, they are with the wear of the tread and exudes air, serious pollution of the environment. Although in the process of tire technology development, the development of new tread materials and strengthen, improve tire structure and other ways to improve efficiency and reduce risk, but it is impossible to eradicate the disadvantages. Therefore, it is not a small play, not repair, but the development of a subversive tradition of non-explosive tires, inflatable-free new tires of the historic subject before us.

1, first of all, must have the greatest security protection. Traditional tire standouts are rubber elastic materials and sealed inflators. Ancient clouds, Cheng also Xiao He defeat also Xiao He, inflatable body is not only the traditional tire used to date, but also the root cause of deadly hidden dangers. Therefore, the revolutionary innovative tires must be inflatable-free, the material is wear-resistant, tear-resistant, regardless of layer. With these, it is fundamentally put an end to the possibility of tire explosion, deflating, out of breath;

2, in addition to safety considerations, tire comfort is also a necessary feature of new products, otherwise, just free of inflating, non-explosive tires, with solid tires on it.

3, the production process of new products to be relatively simple, the use of raw materials must be environmentally friendly, processing process must also be safe and reliable, green environmental protection.
To achieve all of these points, there must be a disruptive revolution, that is, the complete use of new materials, new processes, new structures to design and produce this non-explosive tire, inflatable-free new tires.

Polyurethane is also known as polyurethane, or PU. Polyurethane elastomer is a high-molecular synthetic material with high hardness of plastic and high rubber elasticity in terms of its Yang’s modal mass. Polyurethane elastomers have excellent performance compared to rubber.
First, it has good elongation and anti-cutting and tear-resistant strength, anti-stripping performance, its anti-wear performance is higher than rubber, is 300% of the latter, and has the characteristics of colorability, and second, it has a low rolling resistance and good uniformity and comparable to rubber tires 2 times the carrying capacity. Third, it absorbs and absorbs good effect. In terms of chemical resistance, rubber tires are prone to swelling after long-term contact with organic matter, while polyurethane elastomers and methylethyl and dichloromethane will not be corroded. Because polyurethane material sits non-toxic effect on human body, in the production process, no toxic filling oil, no vulcanization reaction, the pollution to the environment is very small. The polyurethane molding process is simple, the production cycle is short, and the corner material and discarded polyurethane elastomer can be recycled and used, and can be fully biodegradable.
Because polyurethane elastomers have special physical and mechanical properties that other polymers do not have, they are widely used in national defense, transportation, oil fields, mines, machinery, construction, medical care and many other aspects, and are also ideal materials for the manufacture of innovative non-burst tires and inflatable-free tires.

 “Open structure” is a tire structure design compared to solid structure. The application of polyurethane polymer synthesis materials in force car tires, as described earlier, is only the first problem solved in the disruptive revolution of traditional tires, namely material problems. But to really use this material design to produce non-explosive, inflatable-free tires to replace the existing rubber meridian tires, is only the first step of the long march. There must also be a solution to the performance deficiencies and many other problems in the PU material itself. The biggest weakness of polyurethane elastomers is that the thermal stability is not good enough, and the inward heat rise during work will lead to a significant decrease in its dynamic physical properties such as wear resistance, fatigue resistance and yield resistance. In addition, PU elastomers are not as good as rubber materials in terms of cushioning and wetness. In this regard, the existing polyurethane solid tires simply can not solve these problems. In addition, how to improve the comfort of polyurethane tires is also a major issue facing the new tire design. Division I main person in charge, non-explosive, inflatable-free tires a number of patent holder Mr. Wang Bing, the invention of the use of a variety of open-type structure and the corresponding different flexible plug-in polyurethane tires, long and short, greatly carry forward the pu all kinds of excellent characteristics, better overcome the PU material characteristics of the adverse factors, really make polyurethane non-explosive, inflatable-free tires dream into reality.