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This tire doesn’t need to be gassed. No valves, no tire bile, is a tire with an open structure. So don’t worry about the tire will burst tires and the risk of gas leakage, all the way.

This is not made of plastic. To be precise, it is an environmentally friendly polymer material, polyurethane, which can be used as a material for human organ fillers.

The shock-absorbing effect is to look at the tire as a whole. Toss inge tires and, when they land, their elasticity effect is more elastic than the rubber tires. The product is designed with plug-ins to ensure the comfort of the urethane-open edifgy tires, which bounce back like a leather ball when they are dropped.

The wear resistance of polyurethanes has been tested to be about 10 times that of rubber, so the use of polyurethane materials greatly extends the life of the tire while saving the tire’s post-maintenance.
In contrast to rubber tires, due to the use of polyurethane as the raw material of the tire, the tire retains the material characteristics of polyurethane, i.e. the rolling resistance reduces the sliding resistance of the characteristics of large. Simply put, running up and running with little effort, the braking distance is still short, greatly improving the performance and safety of the control.

The main products developed are automobile tires, and now you can see electric car tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires forklift tires and so on.
Tire technology is all one-way, so the tire on the market is generally more applicable.

That’s right. At present, Quintan polyurethane open structure tires are generally applicable to different specifications of tires on the market, that is, basically can be replaced. Note: Due to the separate replacement of treads, complex process, and high cost, so when replacing tires, is the hub and motor as one replacement.

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