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Yes, it is. As you can see there is no gas inner tube with an open structure.

Actually, it’s not, but a little similar to it. Its main material is polyurethane, which is friendly to our earth. And one day we may recycle it for a second use.

By now, there are many vehicles that have been equipped with KTA tires. Such as scooters including e-scooters, bike-sharing, electric patrol cars, three or four-wheel electric vehicles, and so on.

The KTA also provides you with customization service for tires, especially for brand colors like blue or yellow which are the theme colors of the enterprise. And we believe it could help you be easily seen from the crowd. That would be a benefit to improve the company’s identification and make you more popular.

We’re located in Shenzhen and Yulin in China. You can contact us by email at [email protected] or [email protected].
KTA is also an OEM company.

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